LEGO Rock Band

Posted on April 23, 2009 Under Music


We have to admit to being pretty smitten with both the LEGO Indiana Jones and Star Wars titles for our video game console of choice, but our Fanboy aspirations extend further than the world of cinematic nostalgia. Rock Band has allowed us to live out our Rock ‘n’ Roll fantasies during it’s relatively brief life span, but we’ve had the misfortune of having to settle on avatars that aren’t representative in the least of our desired rock god persona. The new family friendly LEGO Rock Band is the best of both worlds, allowing users to craft their own LEGO self as well as fellow bandmates, roadies, managers and crew. Even with the new features users will still possess the power to pretend to be masters of the LEGO telecaster even though they’re not actually strumming anything except maybe their rock star-sized ego.