Posted on May 13, 2005 Under Fashion

Koyono is a smart line of clothing and accessories based on performance, style, and minimalism. Their products are simplistic yet completely sophisticated. First and foremost, I have to give their wallet design the “Slimmy” a serious nod of approval. It’s a wallet after my own heart, slim and useable– and it’s the #2 wallet on Amazon as of this writing, and there is no doubt in my mind it will reach #1. Koyono has also big making waves with their “BlackCoat-T” design, a shirt that can discreetly and securely transport things like your cellphone, iPod, or even passport and wallet if you’re traveling, and you can hide it behind a button up shirt. It’s now offered as regular t-shirt, a tank top, long sleeve, and soon they’ll be offering a turtle neck). Finally–they have a few of the Danish designed Skagen Dashboard and Chrono series watches at a huge discount for us through May 20th. This watch is the Dashboard– it’s thin, lightweight, and I think sexy as hell, made from black Titanium with a thick cushioned rubber band– I can’t wait to get mine.