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Posted on January 25, 2008 Under Gadgetry

Sure, we've been yammering on about the uber-awesome noise canceling Jawbone headset since 2004, but despite our consistent praise and even a few giveaways, not everyone owns one yet. You're probably holding out until you see it in action, and I guess we could understand your consumer hesitance, but you're about to be converted. Aliph, the creator of the headset that allows you to hear all of your cell phone conversation in the rowdiest of situations, has released two hilarious new videos to put the accent on just how phenomenal of an invention the Jawbone is. The first video was directed by Samuel Bayer of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" fame and features the lovely Miss Missouri 2007 along with a shark used in the films Deep Blue Sea and The Perfect Storm, while the second video may or may not appeal to your love of Rugby.

(NSFW, depending on where you work. Like, say, the Christian Coalition.)

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