Introducing: Jamie Starr

Posted on October 11, 2006 Under Life

I wanted to give a special warm welcome to our new, fairly full time contributor, editor-guy, and additional set of eyes and ears behind While I’ll remain at the helm, I’m happy to announce Jamie’s ongoing contribution, his witty humor and excellent worldly finds. By now you’ve read his posts and are beginning to get used to his goofy (sometimes morbid) sense of humor. When I’m not pelting Jamie in the back of the head with a Nerf Dart Gun, he’ll be breathing his passion and taste for art, fashion, gadgets, music and life into the site. He also recently passed the bar when he realized he wanted to do more than just sue people. So now the lawyer turned blogger can both sue people and blog: Which means, if you’re syndicating our site content without permission, I’ve finally got someone in the office to hunt you down. Check out our about page or read more after the jump for the standard ‘autobiography’ of our newest catch. Welcome Jamie!

Jamie Starr was raised in the skiing Mecca of Crested Butte, a laid-back town in the middle of the Colorado Rockies. Skiing has always been at the center of Jamie’s life"”however, in 1998, he stopped skiing competitively and moved to Boulder, CO, to get economics and business degrees. Armed with those degrees, he moved to San Diego, CA in 2002 to trade the mountains for the beach, and find a job where he could utilize his degrees; he took a job with one of the premiere event planning firms in the U.S."”that position exposed him to a plethora of musicians, actors, designers, celebs, and professional athletes. His experience in Southern California was not exactly what he had expected, but he gained great insight into the worlds of music, popular culture, and the like. In 2003 he accepted an invitation to attend the University Of Colorado School Of Law and returned to Boulder. During his three years in law school, he focused on natural resources legal issues in the American West, worked as an editor on an international environmental law journal, and became deeply interested in music, writing, fashion, and food (lots of study time equals lots of iPod time!). Jamie wants to explore his interests more at home and abroad"”first on his list are maiden voyages to London (to visit the Naked Chef) and South Africa (to visit his mom). A law degree arms Jamie with a special skill-set and a unique perspective into how the world works, as does his eye for new trends and his passion for music and fashion.