HP DJammer

Posted on March 4, 2005 Under Life

Wired Magazine has a great little article about HP’s wild invention they’re calling the “DJammer“. I haven’t quite finished forming my opinion on this thing, although the technology seems pretty impressive. It allows a DJ to mimic the sound of scratching vinyl by simply moving the device around–with some very sophisticated motion sensors. So if you make a scratching movement with your hand, it sounds as if you were manipulating an actual record. It also can stream to other devices for collaboration. “The DJammer is the next-generation electric guitar,” said Mark Smith, an HP researcher who co-invented the device. “It’s the sort of thing where people will be able to become very creative.” Next generation maybe, but I’m not sure this will ever take over the classic 1’s and 2’s of DJing–Nothing quite compares to fingertips on Vinyl.