Headline Shirts

Posted on June 26, 2009 Under Fashion

iheartsf_kgr_m_443.jpg davinci_blk_m_443.jpg

The economic climate has given designers good reason to be concerned, but kudos to San Francisco’s snarky Headline Shirts for bringing smiles to T-shirt buyers’ faces in the best way they know how–cotton and cartoons. With 20 top end menswear stores predicted to be out of business by the end of the year, Chris Gorog, the founder of Headline’s parent brand Revel Industries, says T’s have been the most recession-proof of his three lines (which include the mid-market menswear line REVL and the top-end Gythamander, whose silk neckwear is worth saving up for). The American-made shirts, which include “Party like it’s 1929” in Dirty Dancing-inspired font, are sold everywhere from Canada to Japan and printed with eco-friendly inks. A series of “I heart NY” shirts include a nod to the Cold War with “I (hammer and sickle) the 80s” and “I (bike tire where stolen frame once was) SF,” which is being introduced in a new local line out today. How’s that for intelligently inspired apparel?