Global Warming Swimming Pool

Posted on December 2, 2008 Under Eco

Some say global warming is a real ecological travesty while others say it’s just the Lord’s way of rewarding us for getting rid of that pesky ozone layer that separated us from Heavens for far too long. Count the eco-conscious minds at HSBC in the former camp, as the banking stalwart recently commissioned the Mumbai-based branch of Ogilvy and Mather to help them increase awareness for this planetary problem. The result is a few stirring images of the New York City skyline underwater, created by the simple act of gluing an aerial photo of the city that never sleeps to the bottom of a swimming pool. The idea really brings the message home that no matter what your point of view, if the polar ice caps melt down too far, we’re sure to have tons of time to practice our breast stroke and develop gills in order to make our morning commute to work more efficient.

Via Neatorama