Gift Guide: Eco

Posted on December 4, 2008 Under Eco

What’s UR Bag: Read JS Review | Buy It ($15)
City-wide plastic bag bans are a perfect excuse to spend a small amount on nylon/lycra blend totes that give back.

Eco Emporia: Read JS Review | Buy It
We have Eco Emporia's products — made from discarded items including fire hose belts and rescued paper notebooks — to thank for introducing a reusable holiday tradition that extends beyond second-hand gift bags.

Blightster: Read JS Review | Buy It
Chilean artist Rodrigo Alonso has created a gift that keeps on giving with lamps made from reusable containers.

Tappening Bags: Read JS Review | Buy It ($50)
There's no reason that plastic water bottles and yogurt containers should live in landfills when they can have a second life as bags imploring your gift recipient to "Think Global, Drink Local."

Herb-n Art Toys: Read JS Review | Buy It ($9 – $60)
We know it’s fun to run out to the drugstore and get a friend a Chia-Pet as an “ironic” gift. Well, irony is dead. Get them an artistic alternative that can also grown microgreens out of its head.