Furni: Show Them Your Skills

Posted on June 25, 2007 Under Design

I have a sad obsession with DIY hacks and, if I had any motivation or attention-span to create my own instead of ripping off stuff I find in Readymade, I may very well have found myself in the Etsy field instead of new media. I had come home from a pre-birthday celebration last week with a beautiful bunch of roses, and in my semi-intoxicated state managed to strip the stems and vase them, but left the leaves and offcuts all over our kitchen counter before I passed out. When I woke up the next morning, my roommate told me she hadn’t cleaned it up because she thought it was another one of my little “projects.”

I didn’t think it was that out of control.

In any case, I just saw that Furni is having a contest through September, wherein they want you to purchase one of their clock kits and hack your own timepiece. The prize? A spot in their next collection, of course. Immediately I thought of ripping off my good friend Eric’s blender lamp, then realized that I’m an idiot because that’s a lamp, and not a clock. Whatever! Go ahead and score yourself a kit, get busy and after you’re done sending them photos of your entry, send them to me…because I’m all about stealing your ideas and passing them off as my own.

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