Fujizaki Cushioned

Posted on June 7, 2007 Under Fashion

When trucker hats became trendy a few years ago, who thought we’d get to where we are now? Behold Fujizaki’s new Cushioned Collection; these hats are limited edition and are a preview of what’s to come in their Fall/Winter 2007 collection. The front is made of cushioned satin (either white or black), and the inside is lined in either gold or purple satin. And lest I forget to mention that these hats are healthier than many others? Thanks to their Thermo Molded Transparency Visor which offers 100% UV protection, your pretty mug won’t get sunburned. While you’re not going to find these in some off-interstate truck stop in the middle of Nebraska, Fujizaki is currently distributed in Italy, Spain, Korea, Portugal, Denmark and in selected shops in Monaco, Dubai, Israel, Japan, and Australia — they are available through Fujizaki’s web store for 60 Euros. Get one before Ashton Kutcher finds out about them…after that, well. You know what happens.