Freebord Adventures

Posted on April 12, 2005 Under Life

I got a chance to meet, hang out with, and go on a little adventure with the great folks at Freebord yesterday. It was really a treat. If you haven’t seen their inventive way to literally ride the streets as if you were carving smooth powder– on steep paved concrete hills–definitely check it out. After talking shop with them for a few, I was lucky enough to go out with two of their professional riders to some of the steepest terrain I’ve seen on my whole trip to San Francisco. These guys were nuts; no helmets, no protective gear, flying around.– I viewed it all safely from a car following closely behind them as they weaved in and out of traffic, I swear it looked like they were snow-boarding, weaving around the lines of the road. One of the riders even went as far as riding in flip flops, on an older style board with no bindings–while the other was riding a newer version with some newer model bindings. Absolutely bad-ass. I didn’t have a chance to try it out this time around, but next time I’m out in the bay area with some time it’s a go–although i’m told it has a steep learning curve despite how closely it seems like snow boarding.