Fernando Chamarelli in Sao Paulo

Posted on May 27, 2009 Under Art

Chamarelli.jpgGeometrical, precise and wonderfully intricate to such a degree that you can spend time completely wrapped up in only one section of them before moving on to a different part, Fernando Chamarelli’s paintings mishmash all manner of references to dizzying effect. Like Bruno 9li, he intertwines history and iconography"”religious, philosophic"”using Brazilian pop culture to carry the aesthetics of pre-Colombian indigenous art. The artist’s background spans to cartoons and portraits before developing a healthy interest in street art and tattooing, the latter of which likely explains his eye for color and edge. Simply put, this guy rocks. His show Viracocha just launched at Rojo’s space at Livraria Pop in Sao Paulo and will be there until June 20, but experience it vicariously through his inspiring photostream.