Faceball – Your Face, Our Balls

Posted on August 29, 2007 Under Life

It’s refreshing to see large companies that still know how to have some company sanctioned fun. As innovative and hip as Apple and Microsoft may be, the extent of their sense of humor or youthfulness usually is constrained to hyperactive commercials with matching rock music. From the Flickr team at Yahoo!, we are presented with a game surely to make your next office Olympics — Faceball. The rules are simple; two opponents sit in office chairs ten feet from each other. They take turns throwing a brightly colored beach balls at the other person. If you make contact squarely with the face, you go again. Miss, and your turn is over. Record the score for 5 rounds and at the end, tally them up for a winner. For full rules and regulations, including instructions for tie breakers, head on over to the official Faceball site and while you’re there, do yourself a favor and watch the wonderfully funny videos. They are professionally produced and I’d say that sorted in an increasingly funny fashion. You should also check out the pictures of the distorted faces as beach balls collide with them in the Flickr photopool. And when you’re ready to start your own tournament, you’ll need some balls — they’re less than $3 a piece, plus shipping.