Ericsson Tower Tubes

Posted on September 10, 2007 Under Design

Scandinavia has come to our eyeball-rescue once again with the Ericsson Tower Tube, a radio base station concept that is a cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly, and a minimally phallic alternative to nasty cell phone masts. The concrete towers, designed by Sweden’s well-loved Thomas Sandell, encapsulate all the equipment (including antennas) known for making masts such fugly beasts, and promise to release 20% less CO2 during production and transportation than traditional steel structures. Tower Tubes also take around 60% less space than classic masts, granting this “essential piece of community architecture” the same perks one generally nabs for being skinny and good-looking. I definitely like these better than those creepy trees, so I say…let’s make some!

Via Just AMP