Design Police

Posted on January 15, 2008 Under Design

The visually-conscious (or sometimes visually obsessive) among us see it everywhere: bad color combos, heinous spacing, over-sized logos, and — eww — excessive use of bad typefaces.

Now the design-minded have the means to take control"¦ if taking control means slapping a sticker on a poster and running back to the Mac. Design Police's downloadable Visual Enforcement Kit gives you a series of offense-marking stickers to gleefully place on bad kerning and other layout tragedies whenever you see fit. These five comprehensive pages of design-geek glory cover the gamut of offenses from ‘Do not use clip art!’ to ‘turn off the CAPS LOCK.’ My personal fave is ‘Hire a copywriter.’ Amen.

If this is making any sense to you so far you're probably a design geek, maybe even that particular sub-species: the typophile. If you're curious as to your own design/font geek status then here's an easy litmus test — if you find the ‘Comic Sans is illegal’ sticker amusing, then congratulations. Now get to stickering.

Via notcot