De Groene Banaan: IVY

Posted on December 28, 2007 Under Gadgetry

If you're like us you've got a wealth of important information stored on your laptop. Were the great hard drive crash of '08 to take place you'd probably be in quite a fix. In this digital age having your files backed up is an absolutely crucial but not necessarily fashionable concern. Some external hard-drives are downright dreary with design as appealing as that of a cinder block. Thanks to the folks at Netherlands-based de groene banaan, your data storage can now be a thing of artistic inspiration. The IVY a unique hard drive using OLED technology shows just how much of the drive you are using by illuminating the design on the screen. When empty, the IVY appears a blank canvas but as you gradually fill it, it resembles more of a Mondrian masterpiece. Now that's innovation.

Via Shake Well Before Use