Crummy Brothers Cookies

Posted on December 26, 2005 Under Food

My readers' suggestion that this site should include occasional posts from guest writers seemed like a great idea, but I sure didn't expect it to happen quite so quickly. The day before Christmas, my family was the lucky recipient of 3 boxes of incredibly delicious Crummy Brothers Cookies, and here's what my Father the cookie connoisseur had to say"¦.

Organic in every element down to the package, Crummy Brothers Cookies are to my experienced cookie buds and quality conscious eye the standard bearer for every natural bakery to appreciate. Available in 5 flavors, the nearly aphrodisiac Orange Blossom is a 10– A Gold Medal winner to both the 9.9 stupefyingly delicious Lavender creation and the Peppermint entry. No one could possibly dispute this company's excellence after one bite. If cookies make you happy, get your hands on some Crummy cookies and get ready for pure bliss.