Denver Post: Brand Josh

Posted on December 13, 2005 Under Press

I recently did an interview with Doug Brown from the Denver Post-- he turned out to be a really great guy and we spent some time together talking about everything I was up to. He wrote a nice little feature…

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Time Magazine: Messengers of Cool

Posted on October 17, 2005 Under Press

A special welcome to all the Time Magazine readers visiting my site. If you didn't see it yet, this weeks Time has a great article on cool hunting and trend spotting in which I'm featured. It's called "Messengers Of Cool:…

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The Boston Globe

Posted on September 1, 2005 Under Press

''There's a silent etiquette, I think, where most people in the community look for individual content because there's probably a huge overlap between readership," says Josh Spear, 21, of Boulder, Colo., who runs ''I always give credit and it…

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Welcome NYT Readers

Posted on July 26, 2005 Under Press

I wanted to personally welcome all the New York Times readers to my site-- Rich Meislin gave me a nice mention in his article in the technology section titled Blogs 101., dubbed: "the pulse of cool", was listed with…

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