Beams T-Shirt Shop: Daikanyama

Posted on May 17, 2006 Under Travel


I stopped by the Daikanyama Beams T shop, sort of the definitive must-stop place for any t-shirt junky. They’re mission is simple: Bring art closer to everyday life. They’re doing this by offering limited-edition artist t-shirts to mass markets around the world with there 8 stores here in Japan alone. Their signature Daikanyama store has conveyer belt style shopping, dozens of t-shirts rotate around the outside of the shop (behind glass). As a shopper you stand and watch them drift by and when you see the shirt you want, point and they’ll grab you one packaged and ready to go. It’s really a stellar shop and quite a ‘feel good’ kind of brand. They also have a massive Online Shop with an impressive brand list if you’d rather order from the comfort of your desk.