Adidas and Stitch: Daikanyama

Posted on May 17, 2006 Under Travel

I really enjoyed shopping in Daikanyama, it’s a fairly quiet neighborhood set back from the flashing lights of neighboring Shibuya. Over the next few days I’ll be highlighting a few of my favorite shops from this neighborhood. Although there are a dozen Adidas shops throughout Tokyo, the Daikanyama Adidas Styles shop is worth mentioning just for all the retro sneakers they have for sale behind glass: Old school Adidas roller skates for 41,000 Yen, 25 year old classic running shoes, etc. If you go into the entrance to the Adidas shop but continuing walking towards the back, there’s a small boutique called Stitch in the back. This was the shop that had what looked like a shared space with Adidas for an Adicolor room I shared earlier this week. Stitch felt a bit like a cross between Kid Robot and the MoMa shop aimed at a much more savvy clientele. Lots of Maharishi, designer toys, some select sneakers, nice t-shirts and a solid collection of mid-century furniture. Eames, Eames, and more Eames. This country loves good design! If you’re shopping in Daikanyama, these two stores are a must stop.