Zyb: Free Phone Data Backup

Posted on December 4, 2006 Under Life

Although Zyb launched a few months ago, I still wanted to point you all toward this free online service that saves you major time and money. Zyb is a free, that’s right, free online phone data backup service that allows you to store, manage, share, and access mobile data online. It follows the open-standard remote synchronization platform– that means it can be accessed across the globe wherever you can get internet access; it’s simple, secure, and supports over 300 phones across all networks. In the growth and expansion department, the folks at Zyb are planning to enhance and integrate the sharing feature further to provide more social network interaction in the coming months. It also looks as though Zyb has recently been the recipient of some venture capital, so look for it to expand and jump onto the mainstream radar in the near future– 2.8 million contacts have already been uploaded.