Zach Slow To Get Random (Maybe)

Posted on May 31, 2006 Under Life

Remember that nutty fella’ trying to raise $10,000 to take his favorite musician, Lady Sovereign, out on a date? Or, as he liked to put it Get Random with Lady Sovereign. He pulled all sorts of mad-theatrics and public stunts to get her attention (even going as far as dressing up as a jelly donut and recording a music video for her, watch it here). Despite being fairly far away from his goal of 10 G’s, Lady Sov’ accepted his date request as long as the details consist of the following: A luxury staffed yacht cruising around the Bay Area after her show, a 3 course dinner and champagne served on board, 2 hotels rooms at a 5 star hotel and first class flights to LA the next morning. If he doesn’t get enough donations to afford the date the money will go to a charity of Sovereign’s choice. He’s at $1,438 (which wont even cover the first class trip to LA, even if he tried to bribe me for some of my frequent flyer miles). I told Zach if he got all the way to 10 G’s I would fly out and pour some Cristal on his head. Can we help him get to $10,000 or would seeing a guy with a massive crush on a pop star be too cliché? Full letter from Sov’s manager after the jump.

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