Whimsy Press

Posted on October 8, 2007 Under Design

My local drugstore’s card aisle leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to subjects outside of birthday and Christmas, so I’m usually left speechless, so to say, when it comes to the moments in between. Whimsy Press has created a slew of attractive cards with witty sayings for all those other momentous occasions in life, i.e. the “Shut Up” card you can give to the jerk behind you at the concert who won’t stop yammering, the “Other Fish” card that goes to a friend who was just dumped; the seratonin-revver “You’re Swell” that promotes all-around good feelings and the funny-but-true “Build a bridge. Get over it.” for drama-loving pals. The simple design and innocent feel belie the smart-ass messaging, but there’s no doubt: nothing says it like a card.