Posted on December 18, 2006 Under Life

For over a year now, has had a simple aim concerning a complex problem: to gain more television exposure for the many humanitarian crises transpiring throughout the world. Working with the assumption that ratings-driven media outlets — which are to a certain extent important to world-wide exposure of these problems — frequently lack the resources and motivation to cover these stories sufficiently, acts as a supplement– an independent source of funding and support to both journalists and NGOs to increase coverage of humanitarian disasters. In 2005, covered the famine in Mali and Niger, and its footage was picked up by every major American network as well as by Reuters and the AP. More recently, they partnered with Action Against Hunger to document the persistent disease and malnutrition killing 1,200 people a day (!) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am impressed by’s drive to use creative and novel means to address and expose very significant world wide problems.