We like snogging better than ice cream

Posted on August 8, 2008 Under Food

What is the perfect addition to a day walking around South Kensington feeling very posh with fancy restaurants and art museums at your disposal? A good frozen snog! No I'm not talking about kissing (snog is British English for making out), I'm talking about frozen yogurt. Aside from the obvious jokes that fly around the restaurant, "fancy a snog?", "give me a snog please?", or the always popular "wanna have a snog?" the frozen yogurt is really good and good for you. The yogurt is made with hardly any fat and no added sugar, so your dessert (or pudding if you prefer British English) is basically calorie free. The branding and store were designed with Cinimod Studios, a group mostly know for their public art works and they delivered a really fun and fresh approach to a tasty treat.