Warszawska Nike

Posted on July 8, 2008 Under Fashion

Warsaw, Poland may be known for the infamous ghettos of World War II, but these days it’s garnering plenty of positive attention as a European center of style. As home to one of the several European incarnations of the Comme Des Garcones Guerrilla Stores it would be an understatement to say modern street style has flourished within the confines of the city. The proprietor of CDG Guerrilla shop hasn’t stopped spreading the style love, as his second shop, Warszawska Nike is currently celebrating it’s first anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, the store is featuring sweet limited edition shirts (40 each) designed by the likes of Alex Purdy, Eboy, and Ill studio, amongst others. If you find yourself in Warsaw (not likely, but still…) in the coming weeks, we recommend checking it out. Or head to their website — provided you or a friend can read Polish. Or you can just contact Serek directly. Shirt pics after the jump…