Wall-E Dissected

Posted on December 12, 2008 Under Design

This summer film fans and critics alike went ga ga over Pixar’s adorable refuse rounder upper known as Wall-E. Upon first glance it may appear as though conjuring up such a character was as simple as shrinking Short Circuit‘s Johnny 5 and giving him a trash compactor for a stomach, but for Jay Schuster the word “simple” never entered the equation. The Pixar designer, educated at the at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, was well aware that in order to achieve a great look for his mechanized wonder he would first have to treat it as though he were designing an actual product. As a result, Schuster didn’t just slap on eyes and a grin to birth a film legend. He created an astonishing exploded view diagram with painstaking detail to break down Wall-E piece by piece to help put him back together again. The result was a well-oiled character creation that came to life on the big screen.

Via Core77