Voting, In Your Own Words

Posted on November 4, 2008 Under Life

We’ve all ODed on politics this go around: the pundits, stump speeches, posters, rallies and spin. Well all of that is over and today we vote. Cutting through all the spin and politics is a website SayHear that allows people to call in and record a short message of why they are voting for Obama, McCain, other or not voting. Think twitter + politics + audio. I’ve been listening on and off all day long and it is amazing to hear some of the reasons people have made their choice for President. The site is anonymous, showing only the state and area code you call in from. It should go without saying, if you haven’t voted yet (and are eligible to) please make it out to the polls today. After you vote call into SayHear and record your reasons.

Via Zoomdoggle

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