Vodka 14

Posted on January 3, 2007 Under Food

On new year’s eve, I chose to drink Vodka 14 martinis instead of champagne– all thanks to our friends Mitch and Matt Baris, the father-son duo behind Vodka 14 (and my friend Jenna who was mixing the drinks). I actually felt pretty reasonable on new year’s day. That was probably due to a combination of things; among them: not mixing alcohols, not drinking too much, and Vodka 14’s purity– it’s made with the freshest of ingredients, including USDA Certified Organic grain and water from a 200 foot deep Rocky Mountain well that is filtered and de-ionized. The vodka then undergoes a four column continuous distillation process including an activated carbon and crystal filtration system to achieve its high purity, quality, and taste. I am proud of Mitch and Matt Baris for bringing an eco-friendly, independently owned vodka brand to an otherwise saturated and conglomerated industry. Despite the fact that Vodka 14 is currently available only in stores in Colorado, Wyoming, and Tennessee, you all can enjoy it and support it’s philosophy by buying it online. Also check out their infusion recipes— they have some great ones.