Vinyl Frontier Journals

Posted on April 2, 2009 Under Design

Vince Pacheco's work isn't easily mistaken for anyone else's. The Bay Area record collector's stack of cheesecake, kitsch and classic country records were becoming too much to deal with. Then he, along with his crafty girlfriend, got the brilliant idea to turn them into spiral journals. After receiving positive feedback during his first craft season, Pacheco, who sells his wares as Etsy's Vinyl Frontier, now searches thrift stores for materials after burning through his personal collection. Journals featuring popular artists and musicals go quickly (including Dolly Parton, Sound of Music, and the Beatles), although there are requests of all kinds (Steely Dan and Barbara Mandrell among them). The frontier man doesn't only rescue and reuse board games and library books. Many of his journals contain recycled paper and all can be sent back and refilled for a small fee. Sounds sustainable and chic.