Veer's Pitter Patter Umbrella

Posted on September 19, 2007 Under Design

One could argue that umbrellas are more effectively used as weaponry on big city street settings; despite their eye-poking potential, one of the more pleasant aspects of toting an umbrella is the gentle rhythmic pitter-patter created by the different sized drops of deflected dampness. While the equivalent of a hippie drum circle is occurring on the upside of your own personal awning, the Pitter Patter umbrella from Veer uses more than 80 typefaces from their Umbrella type collection to reflect the surface action on the dry underbelly, so all of you typophiles can state your preference for Kingfisher over King’s Bakery in the midst of monsoon season (or torrential downpour). Go get yourself wet.

Via swissmiss

–Evan Kessler