Posted on February 21, 2008 Under Life

There’s some venture capitalists who’re ready, willing and able to throw their money at whatever crackpot idea that comes their way. Then, there’s the kids with the crackpot ideas who think it’s okay to pitch anyone, anywhere, anytime for their money. As a result, you have a giant freakin’ mess of bad manners, products and attitudes. Nobody is more aware of this than entrepreneurs Andrew Hyde of StartupWeekend and Matt Emmi from OneButtonTouch. Hearing one too many bad pitches (and a rather unfortunate incident in a bar) at the StartupWeekend in Bloomington, Hyde and Emmi figured they could develop, in entirety, a company from start to finish on a single plane ride. After a game of rock, paper, scissors, the two to fleshed out the idea, built it on WordPress and voila, VC Wear was born. Each shirt comes at a price that only a venture capitalist could afford love — $100 a piece — and the option’s open to whomever’s ready to buy the company for a sweet $100K. Ladies and Gentlemen, Get your Amex Black cards ready!