UseeIsee Picture Phone

Posted on August 6, 2008 Under Gadgetry

Remember how we were all supposed to be talking on video phones in the mid-90s? Most wouldn’t call a tiny 3-inch x 3-inch screen that produced a stuttering two-frame-a-minute picture “video.” Then a decade later anyone with a laptop and built-in camera put that argument to bed. But, the X-Cast scientists from UseeIsee believe there’s a market for people who a) don’t have laptop technology, b) do have a high-speed Internet connection and c) want a VoIP service similar to Vonage or you cable company, but with the benefit of sight. We call these people our parents. UseeIsee knows our folks too well, as it mixes equal parts of Catskill humor and pictures of Nana talking to her grandchildren. It’s so plain spoken, it just might work.