Timbuk2 x Threadless

Posted on July 9, 2008 Under Fashion

For all of the modern, urban, design-savvy males out there, please don't call this bag a “murse.” Lots of guys these days have figured out the convenient utility of a good old messenger bag, but what happens if you want the ease of carrying around everything you own but still want to look a little street? That's where San Francisco-based bag makers Timbuk2 and perennial Josh Spear fav Threadless steps in.

Pumping up classic messenger bags from Timbuk2 with some of the most popular T-shirt graphics from Threadless, they've combined high-end graphic design with the need to carry stuff around with you. Even better, you can rock the matching bag and tee at the same time — if you think you're man enough to handle it.

Hot prints from New England-based design duo GlueKit, eclectic visual artist Julia Sonmi Heglund, and self-taught fine artist Robert Hardgrave adorn the three limited edition bags. Held to an exclusive 200 of each print (read: buy them now before they're gone) these bags are up for grabs now, directly from Timbuk2.