Thundermutt Series 14 Launch

Posted on October 1, 2006 Under Design

BA-Reps, an illustration agency based in New York launched a limited edition collection of designer toys last week by artist Tristan Eaton, Gary Baseman, Stephen Bliss, Dave Needham, and Andrew Rae. This collection is an addition to the popular Thundermutt Series and is particularly special in that each of the 100 figurines have an added bonus, a hand made or hand painted object that has been inserted into the hollow heads of each little figure. One artist stuffed their Thundermutt's noggin' with hand painted bottle caps, another with hand painted peanuts, one set even includes glass vials of captured rain water straight from the NYC skies! This, the 14th series in the Thundermutt lineage should prove to be of the most detailed and personal, if not the most unique, sets of toys ever crafted by Thunderdog Studios Inc. The project will be released in two waves, the first was September 29th at Neo Studios NYC (628 Broadway, between Houston and Bleeker), and you can look for the second release in February 2007. Only 50 pieces will be available to the public with the remaining being reserved for the Mutt Club. Full flyer after the jump!