Think Outside The Parking Box Competition

Posted on July 23, 2009 Under Design

designboomparkingbox4.jpgThe parking landscape of the urban jungle can often be rather dull. Those who have the need to keep their speedy vehicles within reach at all times are forced to maneuver their esteemed automobile in between layers of drab cement akin to the area where someone might be held for committing twelve counts of computer fraud. Rather than allowing your mean machine to languish in a prison cell for three to five, the fine folks at designboom and Nissan want to see you do something about it. Namely, they want you to come up with a better home for those brave little engines that could. Their Think Outside the Parking Box International Design Competition asks you (the reader and designer extraordinaire that you are) to “reinvent conventional ideas of urban parking.” Yes, they’re looking for a few good ideas, whether it’s a super robot with giant arms that gently places your car down in the suburbs or a simple garage that converts your carbon monoxide emissions into flowers. It’s up to you, but you’ve only got until September 27th to enter. So get a move on.