The Pattern Man

Posted on August 8, 2006 Under Art

There isn't to much negative press floating around about "The Pattern Man" Dan Funderburgh these days and the recent publicity on Design Sponge and interview with have definitely rejuvenated our interest since our first report back in July '05. Based in Brooklyn, Dan began his career making prints while working for a clothing company with limited creative vision, which meant anything decent he designed got shelved, even things he himself would not include on his website. These days Dan is a bit more discriminative of his work and with tutelage from creative directors Kimou Meyer and Pete Christopherson has advanced his ability in patterns (Death from Above shown here) and illustrative type to a level few can match. We have really enjoyed watching his collection grow and agree with Dan when he says, "Plenty of kids can make pretty patterns, but to me a good idea is always far more attractive." Judging from his work it seems he has plenty of them!