The Love Movement

Posted on March 30, 2007 Under Art

If any of our readers are in need of a nice dose of warm fuzzies this weekend, we suggest checking out The Love Movement, a collective of artists, designers, teachers and architects newly located in L.A. The formerly Philly-based group of twenty-somethings are on an action-oriented mission to “draw awareness to current social issues facing our society, while aiming to do something more than complain.” Like many collectives, The Love Movement aims to use art as the main method of communicating their objective, but what sets them apart is their captivating/ completely genuine focus on love as a binding force in the pursuit of social change. TLM likes to focus on the concept of “we over me,” which ultimately reads something like. “leave the world better than you found it.” And maybe I shouldn’t say “concept”, because from what I can tell, they are VERY actively pursuing this ideal, and their mindset is beautifully addictive. It’s not hard to find passion within the creative community, but I am a huge sucker for love, and I think this melding of two of the most powerful things we’ve got has unlimited potential. Nice work, guys, and lotsa love right back at you! Bonus: link to an interview SFist did with TLM.