The Interlaken OTC Hotel

Posted on October 3, 2007 Under Travel

There is no Switzerland at Epcot Center. China is there, which is nice enough, but — sigh — no chocolate. It’s ok though, because Switzerland is now located in China. The one that’s not in Florida, I mean. Located just outside of Hong Kong in the midst of subtropical tea plantations lies The Interlaken OCT Hotel, a picturesque Swiss chalet located in an equally pristine village. Gingerbread houses line the streets surrounding Lake Interlaken, sharing their view of the “alps” with a 10,000 square foot indoor/outdoor spa and a championship golf course. There are almost 300 rooms in the five-star castle, and room leftover for four restaurants and a 1,000-seat theater. Part of me, after staring at pictures of this place, is like, “Whoa now, China; how about hopping on a jet and going to Switzerland for real?” …But then the other half of me (you know, the part that likes eating my dim-sum while I live in a castle) is like, “YEAH China, YEAH!” I want to know what this place is like in person now, so if f any of you have been here, please tell us about it!