The iDiom Gray Scale Series

Posted on October 2, 2006 Under Fashion

For those who like to spend way too much money on your snowboard outerwear — and like to be the the person who somehow (to the chagrin of his friends) gets his hands on the limited-quantity, boutique-y gear — iDiom’s Gray Scale Series is just a tram ride to Japan away. A sub-brand of snowboard gear behemoth Burton, iDiom has leveraged an intelligent collaboration with Japanese streetwear designer Hiroshi Fujiwara to make a solid imprint on the international snowboard scene in the past few years. Their garments are expensive for sure, but resonate well with those who have a keen eye for functional details, forward-thinking design, and thoughtful color schemes. iDiom’s newest line — The Gray Scale Series — is just what the name suggests: a grayscale marriage of classic and new iDiom styles, complete with stylish pinstripes, polka dots, and the like. My personal favorite is the Continuum Down Jacket (~$500 U.S.), because it harmoniously blends style, warmth, and lightweight technology. I am not completely sure how elusive this new iDiom line is, but if anyone has an idea, leave a comment.