The Future of Camera Phones

Posted on March 10, 2005 Under Gadgetry

This may look like some laser pointer, but I think it’s a prototype from Sony Ericsson. Their head of design, Hiroshi Nakaizumi, thinks there might be a future for smaller camera phones (maybe in the shape as the one shown) that project images instead of showing them on a small and worthless pixelated screen. ‘Why carry around a display when you can project it onto a wall or page?’ “The idea is that we select which photo or film we want to show using a trackball on the end of the phone, then simply point it at any surface and view the projected image. The possibilities it creates are mind-boggling.” Mind boggling indeed, I’m wondering how this would work as a mobile phone–its not very ergonomic, but the future of the camera-phone is up in the air–nobody has gotten it right yet in my opinion. Via Wallpaper.