The Cain Collection Chair

Posted on August 13, 2007 Under Design

5-2The Cain Collection Chair began from a simple concept: create a simple, affordable piece of furniture using sustainable practices to the fullest extent possible. Designed by Staach Furniture Studio, a small furniture studio based in Rochester, NY, the Cain Collection Chair has accomplished just that. It’s shipped from a nearby mill to Staach’s studio as raw “molding blanks” and then created directly in Staach’s studio using minimal tooling. The chair is available as a finished, unfinished, or upholstered piece and the studio is currently working on flatpack and outdoor variations.

Staach has two other collections as well, the Adam Collection and the Enos Dish Collection. The Adam Collection is a full line of furniture including a stool, a bench, two chair variations, a coffee table, and a dining table. The Enos Dishware collection features clean, simple lines designed to allow the food to make the statement during presentation.

Staach also has an excellent page describing the basis for the sustainable practices. It’s well worth the read for anyone interested in sustainable design and how sustainability can carry over to the business practices of an organization.