The B-List

Posted on May 8, 2007 Under Gadgetry

My friend Angela put it best last week when she said, “I’ve reached maximum social networking saturation.” As a one-time rabid Dodgeball member (whose future seems uncertain now, having been abandoned by Dens & Alex under unfortunate circumstances), as well as a light-to-moderate Facebook/IILWY/Twitter user, dispassionate Myspace-er and obsessed Blackberry owner, I think she’s right. I’m connected 101% of the time, and although this isn’t exactly news to me, I still have those moments where I realize that disengaging myself every now and then may be beneficial to not only me, but the people around me.

But then, I find new things like B-List, and I convince myself that because it’s technically “research”, signing up is okay. B-List allows Blackberry Pearl, 7130 and 8700 owners to create lists of their favorite venues to share with other B-List users, with the database having already been populated by over 100 “celebrities” lists from all over the world. I’m really digging the community feel of it (as opposed to a friends-only invite system), and because it’s not primarily city-centric, it could prove an invaluable resource when traveling and looking for the newest, hottest venues.