Tartini: Frozen Tart Yogurt

Posted on September 12, 2008 Under Food

The favorite emerging food trend of the summer is one you should expect to see only more of. Frozen Tart Yogurt — if you haven't seen it or tried it in your town, it's on its way. You've probably heard of the L.A. based Pinkberry, or the Korean sensation Red Mango that is making waves in the USA, but an emerging favorite with the superior designed space and product is Tartini. Everything about Tartini has been done with a specific purpose and the result is an astounding modern, approachable and high quality product.

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The product itself, fresh fruit purees mixed with locally produced low fat tart yogurt is stellar, but the space is impeccable. I've been to a lot of big names in frozen tart yogurt, and really what sets Tartini above the rest is the approachable space. People can gather inside the shop and enjoy themselves and their yogurt in a soothing atmosphere, whereas Pinkberry store fronts barely allow for a line.

The space was designed by Pia Thomas of Design Plus, along with Annette Lee and the co-founding team of Lisa Kim, Paula Kim and Nicole Lee — all with impressive backgrounds in various industries from brand development to finance. The result of a diverse and talented group of individuals is an impeccable space, from wall graphics to Italian light fixtures and pink lucent, acrylic seating.

All photographs by Angela Oh