Talk Shop Fridays: Your Resolutions

Posted on December 28, 2007 Under Life

I’m having trouble processing the fact that this time next week, a new year will be upon us. I’ve never really been one for New Year’s resolutions — I’m more of a “change it right now” kind of person — but there’s some things I’ve decided to do starting now, through the next year and beyond. Some things are ongoing projects (like training the best-behaved pitbull you’ll ever meet), some are typical (more walking, less cab-taking) some have a definitive ending point (finding the perfect couch) and some are mental adjustments I’m making (refusing to ever put up with crap from anyone, ever again), and I feel like the new year and a clean calendar will only benefit them and me in sticking to them.

That being said, here’s the inevitable question: What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Saying it out loud (or, in this case, typing it out) has proven to keep you accountable for your decisions and actions, so get sharing! We promise to help in any way we can.