Talk Shop Fridays: Whatchoo Watchin'?

Posted on August 17, 2007 Under Life

A certain someone just told me he couldn’t help me come up with a TSF topic because he’s too busy watching Domo-Kun on YouTube. That got me thinking — there are times that I tell people I’m “too busy right now,” when really I’m just watching the same five episodes of Planet Unicorn over and over again or participating in drinking games based on SoCal-based MTV reality shows (it’s a shot for every “like,” “bro,” and “Daaaaaaaddy!” if you have to ask) via AIM. So, I’m wondering what everyone else is watching when they’re allegedly swamped, because if you ask me, procrastination is always better when it’s a collaborative effort. It’s Talk Shop Friday…go ahead and share your viewing habits it the comments — after all, sharing is caring, etc.