Talk Shop Fridays: How Connected is Too Connected?

Posted on September 21, 2007 Under Life

Gothamist reported yesterday that the MTA (the body that oversees the subways & buses here in NYC) has inked a $46M deal to wire the subway platforms throughout the city for cell phone use. Just the platforms, not the lines themselves. For those of you who haven’t been to NYC, the subway platforms aren’t the most comfortable places in the world. They’re dark, dank, dingy, and dirty. During the summer, the only thing you want to do down there is stand as still as possible and pray for a breeze. Of course, I’m told this is all a step up from 20 years ago.

But the deal begs a question: just how connected is TOO connected? Does anyone really need to be talking on their cell phone while they’re waiting for the train, only to have to hang up as soon as it gets there? Is there a point when we’re just too plugged in and a break becomes a good thing — even if it is waiting around on a hot, stinky subway platform? Oh, and I should clarify, the MTA is being paid $46M for this “convenience,” in case anyone was questioning their crystal-clear motives.

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