Oh Joy! A Pop-Up Shop

Posted on July 8, 2009 Under Design

Attention Philadelphia! If your penchant for brotherly love has recently morphed into a desire for designer-ly delights; don't despair, you're still in the right city. A sterling opportunity to quench that fresh thirst, although briefly, has presented itself in the…

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Black Landlord

Posted on June 10, 2009 Under Music

Philadelphia often spits out something unconventional and intriguing. Bahamadia the whispering lady rapper, G-Love the hipster-ahead-of-his-time, and a band like no other called Black Landlord. I started hearing their name around town a few months back from a few heads…

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Smak Parlour Philadelphia

Posted on May 28, 2009 Under Travel

Amidst the dead-til-friday strip of bars in Philadelphia's Old City, one store front boosts its allure with searing pink. Smak Parlour is the brainchild of Abby and Katie, two Philly girls whose aptitude for design brought to life their vision…

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Zombie Butt Touch

Posted on April 3, 2009 Under Music
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Abakus: Tasty Threads

Posted on February 5, 2009 Under Fashion

Upon first glance, the Abakus Takeout site might seem like the place to order General Tso's chicken and some pork fried rice. Dig a little deeperand you'll find that it's the blog and online store based out of Philadelphia's Chinatown that deals in exclusive kicks…

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UBIQ: Reverse the Curse

Posted on October 23, 2008 Under Fashion

The Philadelphia Phillies have not won a world series since Jimmy Carter's final days in office, but the way their fans whine about it you'd think Ben Franklin had yet to invent bifocals the last time someone with a P…

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Sneaker Pimps Philly

Posted on August 25, 2005 Under Fashion

If you're in Philly September 2nd, hop over to the 8th Street Lounge for the Philadelphia installment of Sneaker Pimps-- live art and sneaker customization by 'Grang High', as well as a few DJ', -- it looks to be a…

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