Surface Tension's Arcade Coffee Table

Posted on September 19, 2007 Under Design

My suburban childhood was marked by the Friday nights my parents would splurge and take us to a certain unnamed pizza chain for pipin’ hot pie. Those short trips out of the house also meant I’d again get to kick my sister’s ass at the tabletop PacMan game they had in the waiting area of the parlor, confirming my status as her superior (hey, I was 7 years old). Good times! All that came flooding back in a Coke wash when I checked out Surface Tension’s slick and super-awesome Arcade Coffee Table, which comes pre-loaded with any of 29 classic games, like Bubble Bobble or Space Invader. And, being that it’s 2007, Surface Tension’s made it multi-functional, installing an AirPort feature for streaming music to your stereo plus adding Internet capability, so when conversations come to a lull with guests, you can power up Firefox and show ’em your MySpace page or all those pervy shots from last week’s party.

If everyone gets one of these, I don’t think we’ll need coffee table books anymore. Of course, with the price hovering at a pricey $5,000, I might hang onto a couple of my Taschens…