Undoboy Goodies

Posted on June 20, 2008 Under Design

Over the past few years, Undoboy has been at the helm of a myriad of awesome projects. From designing various members of the mimobot family to collaborating on killer wall decals, this virtuoso of artistic and toymaking talent has more or less remained on the tip of our tongues. While the Malaysian born artist’s website has been displaying doses of design dexterity for quite some time now, one thing has been sorely lacking from his homepage … an online store chock full of goodies ripe for the purchasing. Thankfully, all of that has changed and Undoboy has seen the light by adding commerce to his content. His new online goodie shop features some of his most cherished creations, from the aforementioned bots and wall decals to his wonderful collection of Super Bastard boxes. If you’re looking to add some flash or just some fun to your personal space, we recommend checking it out.